Christmas Weave: Crochet Pattern for Block, Bobble, or Afghan-Tunision Stitch


Crochet Pattern for

Block, Bobble, or

Afghan-Tunisian Stitch

Designed by Angela M. Foster

© 2020 by Angela M. Foster, Cora E. Fletcher, Abigail V. Fletcher

All rights reserved.

Graph Size:  94 wide by 102 high

Note: The finished size will depend on:

      1. Which crochet stitch you use [block, bobble, or afghan-tunisian].

      2. What size crochet hook or knitting needles you use [recommended crochet is I/5.50mm].

      3. What size yarn you use [recommended is 4 ply/Medium weight].

      4. Your tension.

Check your gauge before you start this pattern!

Make a 20 sts by 20 rows swatch and measure it.

So you will know what size this pattern will be.

Color Codes:

GR = Green

RE = Red

WH = White

This pattern is no longer available for free.

This pattern is now available in our