Christmas Weave: Pattern for Knitting or Crochet


Pattern for

Knitting or Crochet

Designed by Angela M. Foster

© 2020 by Angela M. Foster, Cora E. Fletcher, Abigail V. Fletcher

All rights reserved.

Graph Size: 94 wide by 102 high

Note: The finished size will depend on:

      1. Which technique you use crochet [single crochet, half-double crochet, or double crochet] or knitting.

      2. What size crochet hook or knitting needles you use [recommended crochet is I/5.50mm and knitting is 10 or 10 1/2].

      3. What size yarn you use [recommended is 4 ply/Medium weight].

      4. Your tension.

Check your gauge before you start this pattern!

Make a 20 sts by 20 rows swatch and measure it.

So you will know what size this pattern will be.

Color Codes:

GR = Green

RE = Red

WH = White



For crochet:

        RS = Right Side

        WS = Wrong Side

        [Remember to add a turning chain(s) to every row.]

For knitting:

        knit = Knit entire row

        purl = Purl entire row

Make Your Foundation:

Knitting: cast on 94 sts.

Crochet: chain 94 + turning chain(s).

This pattern is no longer available for free.

This pattern is now available in our


  1. What does KOC mean? Is this pattern simply stranded colorwork? Is it stockinette or garter stitch? I was hoping it would be mosaic - I know how to do mosaic colorwork.

    1. KoC means Knitting or Crochet. You can use either method to make this pattern. I've never done mosaic, I'm sorry that I can not help you with that aspect.


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